Good morning Dr. Sullivan and Staff, 

My experience with you yesterday was beyond good!  The receptionist, attendant, and doctor were so great I can’t find adequate words to describe them.  The receptionist became my new friend, the attendant never left my side, and the doctor explained everything so well even I could understand it and easily follow his actions.  When he completed my root canal I felt like I had the work of an artist in my mouth!!!  When I have to have another root canal, guess where I am going—see you then.

– Anna 

I did not know it was possible to have a smooth and relaxing dental procedure until I came to your office.

– Jennipher

Dr. Sullivan and Staff,

I want you to know how much I appreciated your kindness, hospitality and knowledge. Your office is a warm, inviting place. You truly go above and beyond for your patients. The treatment was comfortable and I can’t wait until I need another root canal. I hope you all have an incredible week. your passion is shown through your work. 

Best, Nicole

Dear Jackson,

Thank you so very much for seeing me on such short notice and for taking such good care of me. Your office staff was wonderful to me. I sincerely appreciate your exceptional care. 

Fondly, Sharon

Dr. Sullivan and Staff,

Scott and I want to thank you so much for taking sure good care of me! I knew i did not feel good, I did not know how bad i was. You all put me at such ease, not easy to do!

Thank you, Debbie